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Hey all

I will be attending the San Diego Comic Con this year!  Its been a long time since I was last there so come by and say hi.

I'll be at table BB24 from Thursday to Sunday. I'll have tons of art, sketchbooks and prints for sale.

Hope to see you there!


Just putting it out there I will be attending the show this year on Friday and Saturday...I have to cut out Sunday so I can get back on the X-Men deadlines!

I'll have a ton of originals to sell.

....if your at the show come by and visit, I'll be set up at P1 in Artists Alley.


I'll be attending the Baltimore Comic Con this Saturday and Sunday....if your going ,come by and visit!

I'm bringing a ton of art to sell and taking commissions at the show(up to a

Hope to see you there



...check it out's free!

Here's what he said...

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Hey all...its been awhile and I figured I'd try to start posting again.

I'll try to be more regular with this.....

My brother Mark Dugre is self publishing a childrens book that I did some art for  with another artist Joe Howe a couple of years ago.
If you get get a minute head by his web site and check it out, pretty cool stuff...'s up on Amazon too…

...I'll be around
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I have to start posting again!!!! What's wrong with me...(don't answer that)
  • Watching: my life pass by
  • Playing: Monster Hunter Freedom 2
Mike Wieringo passed away this past Sunday...I got the news from Sanford Greene this morning....horrible ,tragic news that Mike had a heart attack .I just want to send my deepest sympathies to Mike's family and loved ones. Anyone who knew Mike personally can count themselves as a loved one because thats just how he was, loving and caring. One of the nicest guys I have ever known...if you read this give his page a hit and leave a message...Godbless...
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